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Golden Monkey Yoga

Yoga,Breath,Mind and Body

Yoga,Breath,Mind and Body

Yoga,Breath,Mind and BodyYoga,Breath,Mind and Body

For the beginner what to expect on your first day

Yes your in the right place !


Whatever your age, condition or background, yoga students and fitness lovers of all levels (from beginners to advanced) are welcomed and encouraged to join in  and begin or deepen in practice.

We recommend practicing 3-4 times per week to obtain the maximum benefits. Of course, you will receive the same benefits with a reduced practice – it just takes a bit longer.

Below are a few suggestions to help make the most of your practice:

1. Please arrive 15 minutes early. You can sign in, register and prepare for your practice. Please to discuss any injuries or health issues with your teacher before class begins.

2. We suggest you wear something comfortable. Breathable fabric is most desirable.

3. Make sure to hydrate prior to the class and bring water with you to stay hydrated during class. We encourage you to leave drinks off the mat and in cubbies so you can focus the practice. Feel free to drink water after flow or if you really feel you need it 

4. Try not to eat before class. Most people find they need to leave at least one hour and a half between their last meal and the class.

5. Bring a Mat, Towel and Whatever other props you may want in class with you. 

6. If you get dizzy or nauseous, please feel free to sit or lay down. As your practice strengthens, the struggle will disappear it takes time and IF YOU NEED any special assistance feel free to tell the instructor at any given time.   

This is your practice

Remember you know your body better than anyone please listen and allow your breath,mind and body all let it all come together 

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