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Golden Monkey Yoga

Yoga,Breath,Mind and Body

Yoga,Breath,Mind and Body

Yoga,Breath,Mind and BodyYoga,Breath,Mind and Body

The Golden Monkey

 Ms Gigi

I lead a busy  , happy and fulfilling life. I run a busy Mixed Martial Arts Studio where I oversee day-to-day operations, provide Boot Camp, and offer Personal Fitness Training to adults, teens, and kids. I am also dedicated to my husband, mother, sisters, nieces, and nephews.

Sometimes the demands on my time seem unending yet wonderful.. Yoga grounds me and gives me a peaceful and blissful balance. I remember what is truly important.

I love yoga because it strengthens the mind,body and spirit. As I grow in my own yoga practice and embark on my journey as a yoga teacher I have come to value the student-teacher relationship deeply. 

 I  have grown in my own yoga practice and I can share my experiences with my students as they begin their own yoga journeys. 

We can deepen our practice together through yoga. I want to inspire my students to live the happy, peaceful life with yoga as a powerful centering force in their lives.

Fun Fact:
I lived in Italy ,India, Japan and Singapore where I earned a living as a professional model.I changed careers as I became involved in mma,wushu training and studying for my Blackbelt and training my students .

I consider my self a pesca-vegetarian. I eat gluten free and nut-tree free due to allergies. I do love a mean spicy Cajun Salmon. If you want to make me giggle bring me spicy Mexican candy. ( I do love to giggle).

Ms Gigi of
Martial Art Innovations Inc
Goldenmonkey Yoga

Forever in gratitude to all that have sponsored my schooling and Yoga Teacher Certification and our Golden Monkey Yoga Room

Yoga For Special Needs and Respite

I donate my time on Saturdays for many years now as a way to give back to the community that  helped me grow along the way. I teach our Saturday  FREE community Yoga and also work offsite with many entities and charities. I am also a PRIVATE caregiver,companion and respite . Remember a human touch can do so much..

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